Crown Centric was created out of my passion for supporting and promoting black-owned businesses.  It is a platform to centralize the many black-owned businesses that offer quality products, great customer service, and give customers an easy way to find these businesses.  There is no need to search all over for products from fellow Kings and Queens when you can find them on Crown Centric.  Its a win-win for businesses and consumers for economic empowerment and to build wealth in our communities.  My goal is to make Crown Centric the first place people go to shop online.  Check here first! 

Click here for a list of  – Crown Centric Vendors

Crown Centric is powered by BoxTech, LLC, a black-owned Digital Marketing and IT Solutions Company based in Wake Forest, NC.

-Tanya Dozier

“When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance” – Anonymous